Christian Education and Sunday School Curriculum for Lent from Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Bel Air, MD

By Heather Costantino, Christian Education Coordinator

Emmanuel Church, Bel Air, MD

The season of Lent is fast approaching. Lent is a somber church season, a season during which we prepare for the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. But when teaching children about this season, it can be tricky to navigate without frightening them or causing them sadness. So how do we teach our children about the season of Lent?

This year the first Sunday of Lent is March 6, 2022. There are five Sundays in Lent with Palm Sunday on April 10th and Easter Sunday on April 17th. One way to help the children focus positively on the serious nature of Lent is to spend the five Sundays before Palm Sunday teaching the children about Christ, himself. Focus can be placed on: the hands of Christ, the feet of Christ, the mouth of Christ, ears of Christ and the heart of Christ. The Lessons for each Sunday of Lent are provided in separate posts. These lessons are intended only as a jumping off point, able to to be added to or changed to suit the particular church or congregation size and make up of Sunday School students, keeping in mind the constant restraints Christian Educators always have on budget, volunteer availability and time.

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