About Us

Emmanuel Episcopal Church

        It may surprise you that Jesus Christ does very little preaching about the Kingdom of Heaven.  Instead, Jesus teaches  about it  –  over 40 times in the Church’s scriptures.  This is a sign for us that teaching and learning are fundamental to our spiritual formation as Christians.

         This website, a ministry of Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Bel Air, Maryland, is a modest tool in that process.   We want this to be a place for children to grow in their faith, for leaders to grow as they help the children and for people of all ages to find a bit here, a comment there, that will guide and encourage them on their faith journeys.  God is at work in the world, as always, and it often takes attention to see it.

       This is new and different for us at Emmanuel.  For many of us our faith was formed by Sunday School classes, Youth Groups and adult Bible and book studies.  In this quickly changing world we must be open to new ways of growing and nurturing faith.  The great hope for what we can accomplish here will only be enhanced by hearing from you.   Please, please let us know what works, what needs tweaking and what you need to feed your soul and the growing faith of the the young people in your life.